Most self-publishers are deeply connected to their subject matter. Otherwise they might not have written the book in the first place. Some of the most effective self-publishers are activists and opinion leaders with fierce loyalties and firm stands on lots of issues.

As I prepare to self publish my first book, I find the above comment by Joel Friedlander over at The Book Designer to relate to me in an encouraging way.   My connection to my book, Citizens and Assassins, is through my grandfather’s land in Pontotoc County.   I certainly have a fierce loyalty and have taken a firm stand on protecting that land since my father passed away.   It is so fierce a loyalty that I cannot budge away.  But if it were not for my love and concern for the land, I certainly would not have written this book.

It seems funny (or sad) how so many family members can see the land only as $$$$, while one stands alone who sees it as historical land which is a God-given gift which should be cherished and protected.  And it seems funny (or sad) how oddly my fight to protect the land relates to the very story about which I have written.