Ada's Facebook cover photo.

City of Ada’s Facebook cover photo.
(May 2013)

Once again, the city of Moore, Oklahoma suffers great pain and loss due to disaster caused by a horrific tornado.

Whether natural or man-made disaster, Oklahoma has certainly had its share.   And while the recent news reports state, “Many homes destroyed,” I can’t help but think that the lives and homes of the numerous victims may be knocked down, but they are not destroyed.  Oklahoma has earned a reputation for rebuilding.  The families always get back on their feet again.  And I have no doubt they will this time as well.  May we all keep them in our prayers.Dog found after Moore, Tornado

Upper picture:  The City of Ada changed it’s Facebook cover photo to show it’s support for Moore.

Lower picture:  A dog found among the tornado wreckage in Moore, Oklahoma.  He was guarding his deceased owner and wouldn’t leave his side.