For my 50th birthday, my two daughters arranged a tandem paragliding flight for me in Oklahoma.  This is something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime.  And it is a gift which I will always remember.

Heavener Runestone Park

Heavener Runestone Park, Oklahoma.
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We took flight off Poteau (pronounced po-toe) Mountain which is located just outside the city limits of Heavener and which provides a wonderful view across the Arkansas border.  (Watch the video in full screen to view the scenery!)

This area from which we took flight is an interesting place to visit as it is also the location of Heavener Runestone Park, a beautiful state park which sits on the edge of the Ouachita Mountains.  The park has mysterious ancient stone carvings which many believe to be evidence of Vikings traveling through the area in the 1700’s, or perhaps even earlier.  Some people, however, doubt this to be true and question the authenticity of these carvings.   A well-established trail leads hikers down into a wooded canyon surrounded with steep rock walls and which provides a close examination of the runic stones.  A beautiful place to visit, and a place to be enjoyed by both the young and the old.