Road leading to my father's farmland in Pontotoc County.

Road leading to my father’s farmland.

As I read daily about the state of our country and the Middle East, I find it difficult to write about my book and the happenings in my own little corner of the world.

How petty are my struggles to protect my father’s land compared to what Israel is challenged with on a never ending basis in its efforts to protect the Holy land.  My father’s land is not big by any means, and it will never compare to Israel.  But it is the land in which God has placed in my hands.  And I am truly grateful.

During one of my last visits to Ada with my father, he told me of a time in which his father told him, “Son, whatever you do, never let go of the farm.”  It was a request his father made to ensure that if ever a family member needed a place to go, he/she could go to the farm.  And while dad and his siblings divided the land amongst themselves after their father passed many years ago, they managed to this day to honor their father’s request by keeping the land in the family.   After explaining this, my dad made the same request of me . . . that I “keep the land in the family” as a safe haven should we ever need it.  As I recall this request today, I am reminded (as a Christian) of one of the Ten Commandants which has great meaning to me:

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.  (Exodus 20 KJV.)

The land in and surrounding Pontotoc County has a wonderful history.  It speaks of a time in which citizens regained control over their land which was being overrun by assassins.   As I read much about our nation struggling to protect our freedoms which are written in our Constitution, I wonder if such citizens still exist.

Below is an inspiring video that makes one tremble.

It shows thousands of Jews gathering at the Western Wall in Jerusalem for a Priestly Blessing over their nation during the Passover festival of 2011. It is a ceremony that has become a tradition since the Six Day War of 1967.  When I watch this video, I can feel the love the people have for their land and I am reminded of the sacrifices they make to protect it.