I once saw a bumper sticker for writers that said,

I never finish anyth… 

Yep, that’s me I thought . . . as I have started many things but have completed, well, maybe one.  And for a while it appeared as though this book would be added among my list of never-finished projects.

Finishing this book was harder than I had anticipated.  Oh, sure, it started off well with excitement and passion, but my confidence fed off my father’s enthusiasm for the history of the land on which he was raised.  He helped me with my research and told me stories which just fueled my desire to write this book.  But when he passed away in the summer of 2012, at first it seemed as though my book was buried with him.   No longer was he there to ask how the book was coming along.  No longer did it seem to matter.

But it does matter.  I began this book not only because of my Dad.  But because I felt that little tug on my heart.  I kept seeing those signs … I believe from God … telling me this was something I was meant to do, perhaps because it is a story that needs to be told.  And it matters because it is my last gift to my earthly father.

As I write this post, my book is close to being completed.   I had hoped to finish writing by today, April 19 — which is the anniversary date of the infamous lynching in Ada, Oklahoma —the subject matter of my book.  The book is not yet done, but my website is now launched.

My father and me at the entrance to his land near Fitzhugh, OK.

Standing with my father at the entrance to his land near Fitzhugh, Oklahoma.
Fall of 2010.