Ada, Oklahoma, Lynching, 1909.  The Daily Ardmoreite, April 19, 1909.

Ada, Oklahoma, Hanging of 1909.
The Daily Ardmoreite, April 19, 1909.

When I first learned about the hanging that occurred in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1909, I approached my father about it with curiosity.  To my surprise, and to his, he had never heard of it.

My dad spent most of his childhood years living in and around the Ada area having graduated from Fitzhugh High School in 1952.  His response to me when I inquired about the hanging was:

“If there was a hanging, Ada sure kept quiet about it.”

How could it be that this historical event had been kept under covers so well?  My father was a very knowledgeable man who had many stories to tell, yet he knew nothing of this one.   So my research began.

After reading, “Four Men Hanging,” by Welborn Hope, and watching the video, “Death of the Old West,” I was convinced that while these were great resources on the subject … and in fact the only decent resources I could get my hands on at the time … they only skimmed the surface as to the facts leading up to the terrible day in Ada of April 19, 1909.

Upon my next visit to Ada, I began to ask around about the hanging.  I had seen a photo of a monument for the lynching on the city’s website.  I was on the hunt for that monument.  Imagine my surprise again when nobody I spoke to in Ada seemed to know anything about the hanging.  They could not (or would not) tell me where the monument (which was no longer there, by the way) stood, or for that matter where the hanging occurred.   In the beginning days of my research, it certainly seemed as though I was going to have great difficulty figuring this out on my own.  I continued on.

So here we are now, at my website Citizens and Assassins … a site where I will share (as accurately as I possibly can) the facts leading up to the Ada, Oklahoma, hanging of 1909.   While it is impossible to get 100% accurate information (especially when relying on 100-year-old newspaper articles as my main resource), I have researched the lynching with great determination and set out my findings in an ebook thereby saving valuable time for others … people like me …  who would like to learn about the lynching.

(NOTE:  other books written on the Ada lynching are out of print and/or difficult to find.)